Point Of Sales
for Multi Purpose Selling.

Metazone's Point of Sales solution is an advance all in one solution from stock control to online orders. With dynamic tabs, detailed reports, table maps for restaurants and many many more features, it is the only solution you would ever need.

With eCommerce integration with third parties this becomes your web partner as well. The software comes with an online orders integration toolkit that allows Products to be sold on the online store. This gives you power to fulfill orders that have been placed online.

The software extends to Printers, Scanners, Mobile applications and Display screens for Customrs, Kitchen Staff, Stock entry and Table orders.

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  • Client: Haweli Restaurant
  • Updated: 24th Sept, 2018

from Scratch to Advance

If you are seeking practical knowledge in IT sector, whether a beginner or a professional, metazone trainings is the portal for you. Join us and get trained for the industry.

We provide different trainings to people, from college students to job seekers and on job enthusiasts. We train at our office in Faridabad and we also provide corporate trainings in different areas and organizations. But a lot of people, who wanted to join us, told us that not all of them can reach us. So we thought, “What could we do for them?”. So, WE MADE IT ONLINE!

We are now providing the same full-fledged training online. Those who think that they know nothing, don’t worry, we’ll be covering all the basics. And those who believe that they know the basics, stay connected, we will be taking you to software development level.

Easier : Create and Schedule Posts for Instagram

Creating Instagram posts regularly and posting them at right times can take a lot of your time and efforts. Easier lets you create templates for quotes, tips or news which business account users need to update regularly.

Simply create a template by uploading a background, selecting the area for text, customise the text appearance, set the routine schedule and you are good to go.

Now write daily quotes, tips, news or more and Easier will automatically create and schedule the post for you.

Easier is designed to help you not just schedule posts but also create posts dynamically and with minimum time for you. So you let Easier take care of your marketing and yourself focus on your product or service.

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  • Android: 4.1 and up
  • Download: Google Play
  • Updated: 29th Nov, 2018

Our Open Source Products

IT sector is growing this fast because we have such a helping community. Here is our part of Source to community which will keep growing with time.