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Operating since 2010, we started off with IT training and then with a team of industry experts we grew into IT Products and Services. In these years, our most valuable possesion is that people always recommend us.


Tools Technologies


Lines of Code


Passionate Users


Team Members


It is never a one man army. A team that learns together, works together, makes events happening together and grows together.


Product Consultancy

We understand that when you have an idea of a Software, it be rough around the edges. We being in IT industry share with you our experience and expertise to make it a wonderful end product. We believe in putting our best ideas on table to make things a success for you.


Requirements Specifications

We understand the importance of clarity and hence we provide you a proper specification of exactly what we are going to deliver in your software. It simply but effectively makes sure that we are on same page.


Seamless Communication

With such powers of your ideas in our hands, we understand the responsibilities we have. A good communication is what sets us apart with an availability as per the need of the hour.


Code Quality

Yes, it matters. A lot. This is the most undermined part of Software Development as most of us seam to believe that a Software wouldn't need an upgrade or extension. We tend to differ. We put quality before quantity and you should too.


User Experience

How you experience is how to act. We put our hearts and minds to come up with solutions that make a difference, that is easy to use, comfortable to operate and delight to watch while it solves your problem.


Strong Support

At the end, it is all about relations. And we can't leave you hanging while you use our solutions. We want to make sure that you are more than satisfied about what you asked for. A strong and readily support is our thing.

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There is a moment in life when an idea hits you. Idea that may ease your organisation's tasks, or it may start a revolution. Discuss with us and we will guide you what is best for you to take it forward. We do not charge for keeping the spark of growth alive.

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